Formed in 2013, Blair Global Media [BGM] is based in Ottawa, Canada and has a current television and supporting online sector that includes Aspire-Canada and AspireNow TV, through the Filmon platform with a potential audience of 60million viewers in the US and Canada. Blair Global also provides cinematic films for Brides and videos for businesses in Canada.

Lindsay Blair
Born in the Cayman Islands to parents who would later establish a rich legacy in television production and management (mother Dr. Alma Blair served as CEO and President of the Jamaica Broadcasting Company , now renamed Television Jamaica, and father Hon. Reverend and Political Ombudsman Herro Blair has established numerous radio stations and television broadcasts throughout the Cayman Islands and Jamaica), Blair was a natural in the industry. As an indirect result of his father’s acquisition and management of Love Television, Blair managed this station and then honed his broad television production and film expertise working for the Cayman Islands Television Network for 17 years in varying roles such from News Director to Daybreak Director.

Blair later established his own television production company, Shoreline Entertainment. Through Shoreline and its sister company Blair Marketing and Promotions, Blair produced work for high profile award-winning TV shows airing on NBC and FOX such as ‘Penn and Teller: Off the Deep End’ and ‘Awesome Adventures’, as well as various documentaries and films. He also worked with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism on a number of film projects, with high-profile international agencies such as Chowder Inc. (based in New York City) to promote the Cayman Islands as a tourism destination.