Around New York City, everybody knows NuSpecies Corporation. It’s name is synonymous with using raw, natural organic ingredients to boost health and vitality. A solid, recognizable name that had been an industry leader in the field. NuSpecies wanted to expand its brand to the Caribbean by launching firstly in Jamaica and then to the rest of the Caribbean.



A Caribbean expansion – Launching NUSPECIES in the Caribbean through carving out a differentiated position in a competitive, repetitive ­­and noisy marketplace.



We recognized a real need for a new- and comprehensive- visual identification system specific to the needs of Caribbean culture. This entailed rolling out a suite of TV commercials that were culturally appealing and resonated with a Caribbean audience and a brand strategy that engaged networks that share a dedication to Caribbean identity, innovation and advancement. As Agency of Record, Blair Global Media tapped into resources to develop and execute a solid branding & advertising campaign utilizing some of the Caribbean’s best known celebrities to introduce Nuspecies to the Caribbean market. Blair Global created a suite of TV commercials filmed on the Island, all without sacrificing the equity elements that resonated positively among their loyal core demographic. Distinctive TV commercials and packaging communicated not just the product’s nutritional info and benefits, but provided a dramatic point-of-sale marketing tool.

Blair Global launched the project with a series of 6 TV advertisements highlighting the benefits of various products on Television Jamaica – Jamaica’s best known TV station, and  organized radio coverage with Jamaica’s top Radio station – RJR for a promotion Nuspecies giveaway during their primetime hour. Blair Global was also instrumental in working with key marketing partners in New York City to produce a TV show sponsored by NUSPECIES to highlight the talent of various Jamaican musicians with an eventual prize of a recording contract in New York City. In addition, Blair Global was instrumental in getting product placement in key shopping districts on the Island.



A highly successful campaign, relevant and effective in launching NUspecies as a worldwide leader despite being the new entrants in the neighborhood. Retail sales are up and the Caribbean expansion resonated well with both new and old customers.