THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for this beautiful video!!!! Hard to believe that is even us haha WE LOVE IT!!!! We obviously watched it 5x in a row. Thank you for all the time that you spent with us, for being patient throughout the day, and for summarizing and compiling everything so thoughtfully. And... GREAT song choice! 🙂
Sara + Zak's
Cinematic Wedding
Blair Global Media produced our cinematic wedding film and it was absolutely delightful to work with them. Our wedding video far exceeded our expectations. It really reflects their solid background in film and television. It just wouldn’t have been the same working with a videographer without a solid film background – you will definitely see the difference in your wedding film! Their editing style is superb – and could only be gained through working on award-winning film.
Damian + Pamille - Blair Global Media
Pamille + Damian's
Cinematic Wedding
Paul and I just wanted to thank you for being part of our day! we're very glad that you were there to capture everything.
Crystal + Paul's
Cinematic Wedding
Thank you so much for all your work on the captured a lot of great moments
Maria + Jeff's
Cinematic Wedding
We LOVE the video, you did an amazing job of capturing the day and we are so happy with the results!
Katie + Andrew's
Cinematic Wedding
The video is excellent, can't ask for any better, we like the way you ended it. Very classy and artistic
Liz + Charles'
Cinematic Wedding
I really love the way Blair Global did the graphic treatments in the video by highlighting the text to emphasize what I said. I particularly like the Word Cloud version in the video – Awesome job!
Daryl Hatton
CEO Fundrazr, Vancouver, Canada
Blair Global Media produced 6 television commercials for Nuspecies Corporation and they exceeded our expectations every time. They did a superb job! I’ve encountered a lot of film & video production companies in New York and their expertise is second to none! Blair Global has had experience in filming celebrities and this was evident in their Nuspecies TV shoot – we filmed and worked with several celebrities for the project. I felt comfortable knowing that their film-making background on award winning TV shows was clearly the best!
Aston Farquharson - Blair Global Media
Aston Farquharson
 CEO Nuspecies, New York
I really love the awesome job you did on my video.
Kelly Lovell
CEO Lovell Corporation, Toronto, Canada
A company of excellence. Blair Global Media made me feel really comfortable for my first commercial shoot, ensuring best was brought forward. They brought out my message perfectly and went the extra mile! Their experience in TV broadcasting & award-winning filmmaking is invaluable to any shoot! They’ve worked on projects that won Daytime Emmy Awards! So I knew I was working with simply the best!
Natalie Rowe - Blair Global Media
Natalie Rowe
CEO Transforming Minds International, Ottawa, Canada