Our Productions has the imagination, business insight, and production expertise to transform your ideas into persuasive motion pictures. Whether you come in with an entire marketing plan, or just an idea, our creative team will collaborate with you to produce a professional, original, and high-quality commercial.

Nuspecies - Blair Global Media

Blair Global Media Commercial Projects Group produces work for advertising agencies, design firms, in-house marketing teams, and ambitious commercial enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

  1. tv commercials
  2. web commercials
  3. promo videos
  4. teaser videos
  5. social media videos
  6. video billboards

Image videos

Our world class team of writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, and visual-effects artists are eager to serve your commercial production needs. Call us for a consultation and learn what we can do for your brand.

Need to produce a persuasive tv commercial, local tv spot, or national advertising campaign?

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