Entertainment Projects

Blair Global Media can help you design, budget, staff, and produce anything from a low-budget hand-held one-camera shoot, to a studio-scale multi-camera epic.

Blair Global Media’s Entertainment Department collaborates with producers, and content distributors all across the world, to produce dynamic narrative experiences for their audiences:

  1. music video production
  2. documentaries
  3. broadcast promos

Our production team includes some of the top players from the worlds of broadcast television, music,  sports, and digital media.

  1. writers
  2. directors
  3. producers
  4. editors

We also offer a full slate of post-production services, including:

  1. video editing
  2. music scoring
  3. color correction
  4. video delivery

Blair Global Media produces many different types of Special Shoots for your video projects including:

  1. green screen
  2. large scale shoots
  3. actions sports
  4. streaming video
  5. time lapse shoots
  6. aerial video shoots

When the creative work is done, we also handles the final finishing, from the online and posting right through to delivery:

  1. audio mastering
  2. surround sound mixing
  3. video encoding

If you’ve got a story to tell, a point to make, or an idea to share, let us help you bring it to fruition. 

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